Mathematical Science Course

Students learn systematically basic mathematical theory and engage in practical exercises such as mathematical model analysis and data analysis so that they develop skills of solving problems in natural and social systems.

Materials Physics and Astrophysics Course

This course focuses on the fields of functional materials physics and astrophysics, and provides education to promote interest in the fundamental laws of nature and their practical application in industry and society.

Applied Computational Science Course

Students learn basic mathematics, physics, and information science with the aim to understand social phenomena and to solve problems of social and economical systems.


Voice of undergraduate

The thesis of my graduate research was Projecting the earth’s ellipsoid revolution onto a flat plane

Department of Mathematical Sciences 4th grader (2017)
KON, Yoshiki

Since I had studied about bent space at a seminar in my third year, I had begun to work on a map projection method to show bent space on a flat surface. I continued this research and eventualy made it the thesis of my graduate research.
By looking at the earth as a ellipsoid revolution, rather than viewing it as spherical, a more accurate map can be prepared.
There are many difficult theorums and calculations regarding the theory of the geodesic line, which is the shortest route on a bent surface, and the theory of map projection.
I felt rewarded in my research when I was able to clearly define a theorem proof, and by changing my viewpoint I realized that there are other proofs as well.

Staff List


Name Position Specialty Research Content
KON, Masamichi Professor Operations Research Planning mathematics are used to solve various social problems. Methods to do so, and the establishment and application of mathematical theories are studied.
SAKAKI, Makoto Professor Geometry Study of differential geometry of curves and surfaces, from the viewpoint of variational problems and non-linear partial differential equations
TSUTAYA, Kimitoshi Professor Mathematical analysis Study of the existence of solutions of nonlinear wave equations appearing in relativistic quantum mechanics and gauge theories using functional analysis methods
BETSUMIYA, Koichi Professor Algebraic Combinatorics, Coding Theory Aim to discover and understand unknown combination structures, focusing on error-correcting code structures which are used in communication theory
MORI, Shintaro Professor Statistics / Probabilistic model Statistical modeling of social and economic phenomena and study of the mechanisms of collective intelligence
EI, Hiromi Associate Professor Ergodic Theory Study of discrete dynamical systems determined by various functions (especially substitution rules of letters), and tilings with fractals
TACHIYA, Yohei Associate Professor Transcendental Number Theory Study of special values of analytic functions which are especially important in number theory. We aim to understand the arithmetical properties of those values by algebraic and analytic methods
NAGASE, Noriaki Associate Professor Stochastic Theory, Wavelet Analysis Development of functions using a wavelet base, with the aim of approaching the original function using part of the occurring small wave
MIURA, Tatsuhiko Assistant Professor Mathematical analysis Study of properties of solutions to fluid and diffusion equations in thin domains or on surfaces


Name Position Specialty Research Content
ASADA, Hideki Professor Theoretical Astrophysics, especially General Relativity and Cosmology
(Gravitational Lens, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter, Dark Energy).
Theoretical study of the universe, particularly the matter, energy and structure by using a gravitational theory such as the theory of general relativity.
GORYO, Jun Professor Theoretical condensed matter physics, mainly, superconductuvity…etc Theoretical study of superconductivity, topological aspects of condensed matter physics, gauge field theories, and so on.
SENDOUDA, Yuuiti Professor Theoretical physics, cosmology and gravity Theoretical studies of the origin and evolution of our universe and its governing physical laws via searches for hypothetical remnants of the primordial universe such as black holes and gravitational waves
FUJIKAWA, Yasunori Professor Structural analysis and property measurement on surfaces, thin films and nanostructures by means of multi-probe STM Microscopic studies on next-generation nanoelectronics materials, such as graphene.
MIYANAGA, Takafumi Professor Condensed Matter Physics / Materials Science.
Structural Dynamics (Phase Transitions, Chemical Reactions, Surface Processes, Nonequilibrium states), XAFS / Synchrotron Radiation.
Since the research field is not specified, various subjects such as semi-conductors, magnetic bodies and superconductors can be studied. Structures using synchrotron radiation and electronic state analysis method are challenged.
AZUHATA, Takashi Associate Professor Optical Properties of Semiconductors. Study of optical characteristics of a wide-bandgap semiconductor and application devices
ENTA, Yoshiharu Associate Professor Atomic Structures, Electronic Structures, and Chemical Reactions on Semiconductor Surface/Interface. Study of physicochemical reactions at the atomic level which occur on solid surfaces and interfaces is carried out to improve functionality of semi-conductor devices and the develop new materials.
SUZUKI, Yuushi Associate Professor Interface Science of Materials Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy Low-Dimensional Low-energy Physics. Study of optical properties of nanoparticle arrays using electron lithography and nanoparticles using zeolite micropores
TAKAHASHI, Nobusuke Associate Professor High Energy Cosmic Ray Physics Study of high energy cosmic ray physics by Large Area Air Shower Experiments and computer simulation.
TEZUKA, Yasuhisa Associate Professor X-ray Spectroscopic Studies on Electronic State of Dielectrics and Strongly Correlated Materials. Electron structures of dielectrics and functional substances are studied using X-ray emission and X-ray scatterings, etc., while performing experiments in Tsukuba, etc.
MASUDA, Ryo Assistant Professor Condensed matter physics using synchrotron radiation Mössbauer spectroscopy Local electronic/vibrational states of various functional materials using partcle beams, mainly synchrotron radiation and gamma-rays from radioactive isotopes.

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