Acquisition of knowledge that supports the foundation of a highly advanced information society.

Study of various electronic circuits and electronic material components, basic principles in computers, software, and computer network operations. Skilled persons who can flexibly respond from both the hardware and software fields are trained here.

Training skilled persons who can create new technology.

In graduate research, themes on advanced matters are raised, students are constantly taught the most advanced knowledge in order to be able to create new technology. Moreover, students develop the ability to accurately express achievement and the ethics to faithfully deal with various problems of an information society.

Opening up future society through electronics and IT

A wide-ranged education and research on electronic engineering, information engineering and integrated fields are carried out, including semi-conductor devices, functional electronic materials, VLSI engineering, computational science, image recognition and processing, soft computing, information system, etc.


Voice of undergraduate

I feel the ever advancing semi-conductor has many wonderful possibilities.

Department of Electronics and Information Technology 4th grader (2017)

I can feel the many possibilities of the semi-conductor industry as it continues to advance, and am professionally working on embedded systems and semi-conductor devices.
To research the characteristics and behavior of an electronic circuit, we analyze using computer simulations and experiments by actually assembling a circuit.
I feel that knowing how basic fields, such as high school mathematics and physics, can apply to professional fields, such as electronic engineering and information engineering, is one of joys of studying at this University.


Actively opening a society that supports the future using electronics and IT

Professor KANAMOTO, Toshiki

As a characteristic of this department, and even for all of Japan, both electronic engineering and information engineering can be studied in a good balance, especially with a focus on embedded technology.
This department carries out research and development of electronic devices and IT technology, which are elemental technologies for the realization of an IoT (Internet of Things) society that connects everything through the internet and creates a secure and safe society through information communication.
IT technicians, especially embedded system technicians, are in short supply for the needs of society, and there is a demand to provide capable human resource personnel.
We seek to understand the mechanism of electrical devices and the internet which is familiar to you, not only through the use of smart phones and tablets, but also by understanding what is inside, with the intention of engaging in research and development. This will lead to the opening up of a society of the future by electronics and IT.

Staff List

Name Position Specialty Research Content
IMAI, Masashi Professor Computer technology Study of trusted computer systems which can continually operate as a complete system, even in cases of failure of the composite elements
ONOGUCHI, Kazunori Professor Image recognition and processing Study to automatically recognize the surrounding conditions using a TV camera, seeking to realize a human visual function on a computer
KANAMOTO, Toshiki Professor Embedded system configuration study For IoT, we seek to optimize integrated circuits, packages, and boards that comprise an embedded system according to its application.
KUROKAWA, Atsushi Professor Integrated engineering Efforts in the research and development of integration technologies, wearable device technology, wireless technology, information and communication technology
KOBAYASHI, Yasuyuki Professor Green devices Contributing to solving global environmental issues and energy problems through research in light-emitting diodes and solar batteries
ZENIYA, Tsutomu Professor Medical imaging technology Research and development of CT systems and image processing methods for imaging morphological information and functional information in vivo more accurately and in detail
NAKAZAWA, Hideki Professor Semi-conductor engineering, thin-film engineering Study of semi-conductor thin films, carbon thin film preparation and evaluation. We are seeking to create new devices by studying applications.
ICHIJO, Kenji Associate Professor Reconfigurable system Study and development of multicore dataflow signal processors, etc., using a reconfigurable device
TANEDA, Akito Associate Professor Soft computing Analysis of biological molecules such as RNA through machine learning and the study of computer analysis of large bio-array data
TAMBA, Sumio Associate Professor Image data processing Analysis of various image measurement data , publicly collect measurement data by constructing a measurement system
NARITA, Akiko Associate Professor Computer systems Study to maximize performance of a computer system and network by the effectively use of limited resources
MIZUTA, Satoshi Associate Professor Bioinformatics Computational analysis of information in biological sequences, and its application to such as biological classification based on the graphs drawn from genome sequences.
OKAZAKI, Isao Lecturer Computational science Study Algorithm, Software Implementation and Their Applications in a Field of Computational Science for Atoms, Molecules and Biomolecules
OZAKI, Sho Assistant Professor
WATANABE, Ryosuke Assistant Professor Surface device engineering Study of new physical property and its application by surface modification and processing of materials.

Curriculum and Curriculum Policy