Deeper, wider, and newer

Those who have obtained bachelor’s degrees can go to graduate school for more in-depth and comprehensive research and learning. The duration is regularly two years for the Master’s Course and three years for the Doctoral Course.


Highly professional education in an advanced research environment- Graduate School of Science and Technology

Utilizing the advanced research facilities, the Graduate School of Science and Technology provides professional education for students in the Master’s and Doctoral courses. We pursuit cutting-edge fundamental science and engineering and their fusion.

Advanced professional education, characterized by integrated science and engineering, with interdisciplinary study / Master’s Course.

In the Master’s Course, we provide advanced professional education. We teach integrated science and engineering and interdisciplinary study, including fundamentals, applications, and their border regions. We are free from a stereotype idea, which advocates the individuality of fundamental science and industrial technology.

Training highly advanced professionals and researchers with comprehensive judgment / Doctoral Course.

In the Doctoral Course, we focus on training advanced professionals and researchers who have a broad viewpoint and won’t get caught up in stereotypical ideas. The students will acquire a flexible and comprehensive way of thinking, work on interdisciplinary challenges, and contribute to various fields in science and technology.


Master’s Course

Course Field of Research
Science and Technology Mathematics and Physics Mathematical Sciences
Applied Mathematics
Solid State Physics
Theoretical Particle Physics
Frontier Materials Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Inorganic / Analytical Chemistry
Global Environment and Disaster Prevention Sciences Cosmology and Cosmic Ray Research
Geology and Petrology
Electronics and Information Technology Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Computer Engineering
Information Engineering
Computational Engineering and Science
Mechanical Science and Engineering Mechanical and Intelligent Material Systems
Thermal Fluid Engineering of Various Systems
Instrument and Control Engineering
Medical System Engineering
Sustainable Energy Advanced Energy Materials
Energy Conversion Engineering
Geothermal Engineering
Wind and Ocean Energy Engineering

Doctoral Course

Course Field
Advanced Materials Science and Technology Functional Materials Chemistry
Materials Processing Physics
Safety Science and Technology Environmental and Safety Sciences
Safety System Engineering

My Life

I am studying the galactic dynamics and dark matter distribution in the Milky Way

Master’s Course 1st (Earth and Environmental Sciences)
OKUBO, Haruka

Since I was a child, I have been interested in the universe. I wanted to study about the universe and astronomy. I also am interested in earthquakes and the weather, so I wanted to enroll in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences to study all of these subjects. In this graduate school, my major is astronomy, and I am studying the motion of gas and stars in the Galaxy and its relation to the underlying dark matter distribution. I am also learning computer programing . When I have a trouble or difficulty, my teacher gives me useful advice from a different point of view.


Students can learn more advanced topics than in the under-graduate course.

Earth and Environmental Sciences
Assistant Professor TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi

In this graduate school, students can learn more advanced topics by using English text books. Moreover, through reading scientific papers and participating in workshops, they can immediately know what the latest research carried out in the world is. By reading English papers, they can also improve their English skills and acquire the ability to solve problems by themselves. They can attend classes for other courses to learn the subjects which are not included in the major in omnibus form.