1. Admission Policy

(1) Ideal applicants for the Faculty of Science and Technology

The Faculty of Science and Technology foster talents that can contribute to global and local communities’ development. We instill in students how to investigate nature’s fundamental laws, create new technologies, and analyze and resolve issues arising from quickly evolving modern society. The students would then acquire an ability to make the progress of science and technology and a perspective that leads to flexible and creative ways of thinking, which would help cope with the rapid evolution of contemporary society.
The applicants should fully understand the “Policy to confer a graduation certificate or degree” (Diploma Policy) and the “Policy regarding the formulation and implementation of the curriculum” (Curriculum Policy). We also expect the applicants to possess skills, activity, and motivation listed below.

  • Skills of mathematics, science, and social communication. Those things would be necessary for further studies and utilizing their expertise to develop modern society.
  • Activity to grow themselves. The applicants are required to have been studying the high school curriculum earnestly. They should also be positive in extra activities to develop their talent.
  • Motivation for learning expertise continuously to find and resolve issues in contemporary society.

Each department of this Faculty is seeking the following kind of students.

Mathematics and Physics
(Mathematics Course)
Persons with a strong interest in mathematical science and an eagerness to study in fields related to the mathematical sciences.
Persons who are eager in the pursuit of truth and desire to use their rich knowledge of mathematics and flexible skills of its application for the sake of human society.
(Physics Course)
Persons interested in learning physics.
Persons who are eager to understand nature’s basic laws that determine everything, from the quantum world to the vast universe world, with some interest in further research and application of its outcomes.
Frontier Materials Chemistry
Persons interested in connecting chemical compositions and chemical reaction mechanisms to the function of substances, and are eager to work in fields related to chemistry.
Persons who search out their own challenges, and are eager to participate in research development to solve various issues related to recycling, resource conservation, and energy creation technology, etc.
Persons who would like to create functional substances which enrich life and functional materials which are oriented towards environmental harmony.
Global Environment and Disaster Prevention Sciences
Persons who have a strong desire to study in fields related to earth sciences, targeting the universe, space, the atmosphere and hydrosphere, geology and rocks, earthquakes and volcanoes, etc.
Persons who can find their own challenges and are eager to contribute to the further understanding of sciences related to the earth, solving global environment issues, and the prevention of natural disasters.
Electronics and Information Technology
Persons who are eager to study in fields related to electronic information engineering such as electronic circuits, electronic materials, computer and software, communication network, security, and embedded systems.
Persons who have a strong interest in the development of electronic information engineering, and are eager to use the results of their research in various fields in society.
Mechanical Science and Engineering
The Division of Mechanical Science and Engineering seeks students who will pursue mechanical science, such as medical and health care, environment and energy, aerospace, transport machinery, robots, AI, and nanotechnology.
We seeks students with strong desire to study of mechanical science and engineering concerned with manufacturing, will work hard on the task without fear of making mistakes, and are eager to apply the achievements of their learning to various fields in the society.
Sustainable Energy
Persons with a strong interest in nature and human society, and who are eager to learn various fields related to natural energy.
Persons who are eager to utilize the natural energy sources existing in the region.

(2) Attitude to study

  • We demand the applicants be interested in the fundamental laws of natural science and developments of technology and tolerant of working on difficult challenges.
  • The applicants should be eager to develop their logical thinking and communication skills.
  • We expect the applicants to be independent in searching for challenging problems. They should work on the issues actively and creatively. Besides, they should be cooperative with each other.

(3) Basic policies for the selection

We evaluate the ability of applicants in a comprehensive matter. We take notice of their academic achievements, activity, and motivation for studying science and technology.

2. Curriculum Policy

We foster talents with the ability to develop science and technology and also with a modern social viewpoint. We hence make the curriculum policy as follows.

Liberal arts

  • The students will learn culture, language skills, and also the ability to find issues in local and global societies besides the basics of science and technology.
  • We hold several kinds of seminars and discuss how to approach such types of problems.

Major subjects

  • The students will analyze rapidly changing scientific, technological, and social problems by acquiring specialized knowledge, skills, and deep insight into various fields of science and engineering. We also cultivate an inquisitive mind.
  • Through exercises, experiments, and thesis, the students will acquire the ability to challenge and solve science and technology issues and skills to defuse local and global communities’ problems.
  • We develop self-management, cooperation, communication skills, awareness as a member of society, and professional insight and ethics.
  • We will cultivate the ability to continue learning. The students acquire an inquisitive mind and contribute to humankind’s welfare.

3. Diploma Policy

We shall confer a Bachelor’s degree (Science and Technology) to students who have acquired professional knowledge and skills in various fields of science and technology. Specifically, the achievement of the following goals is required to receive a degree:

  • Understandings of the essence of science and technology with a wide-ranged insight and a high level of knowledge cultivated through liberal arts and major subjects.
  • The ability to follow the cutting edge of science and technology.
  • The ability to apply their knowledge to develop local and global societies.