To meet the needs of current society while keeping in mind the needs in the future

We educate students to have a wide range of knowledge and flexible thinking skills, produce highly creative products, and have an ethical perspective to also pay attention to the risk posed by technology.

To contribute to society through designing and developing an advanced intelligent or medical system

For the alumni to flexibly cope with the innovation and international competitiveness in technology, we provide education, based on science, focused on acquiring the basics and sense of mechanical engineering.

Mechanoinformatics, a new-era machine combined with information technology

A new era is coming where people and machines or machines themselves exchange information. We are looking forward to working on researches to achieve the dream with you.


Voice of undergraduate

This is where I can learn what I want to know and deepen my expertise

Department of Intelligent Machines and System Engineering 4th grader (2017)

I wanted to come to Hirosaki University because I wanted to further deepen my area of expertise that I had developed in the industrial high school.
Machines around us, such as cars, airplanes, and PCs cannot be constructed without metal materials.
I feel that studying about metal material is important in order to deeply understand machines. I chose the field called machine materials, and have continued to study keeping in mind my goal of strengthening aluminum.
In the future I would like to work in the machine designing field, making a machine from scratch. I want to create something better with my own hands.


Discovering a phenomenon that is not yet known to the world knows is not a dream.

Associate Professor MINETA, Takahiro

In this department, you can study both machine engineering and medical engineering. In addition to basic physics and mathematics, which are essential for all engineers, training for hands-on engineering is taught through bother, classroom lectures and experiments. Here, you can develop thinking ability, ingenuity, and creativity.
After being assigned to a laboratory, students work on research activities with originality and ingenuity, seeking to reach a phenomenon that no one in the world yet knows.
Research opens up a world that no one has ever concquered. I hope the students who participate in such research take pride in being among the first people of a field.
In addition, we strive to provide a place to study where students can comprehensively learn both, the basics and applicable knowledge, and cultivate the ability to overcome hurdles on their own.

Staff List

Name Position Specialty Research Content
OKA, Kazuhiko Professor Measurement optics Study of devices and methods to measure and control biological samples and microscopic targets, etc., by taking advantage of the characteristics of optical waves
SAGAWA, Koichi Professor Medical and biological engineering Fall down prediction and evaluation of athletic ability using a novel, independently developed wearable sensor. Study and development of medical robots
SASAGAWA, Kazuhiko Professor Functional and Reliability Evaluation of Material Systems, Biomechanics Research focuses on nano- and micro-technology, medical and health care and energy fields, and mechanical stress of the material systems is analyzed.
SATO, Hiroyuki Professor Material strength and fracture Study of Prediction of deformation characteristics and life of alloys at high temperature. Study of quantitative evaluation of a creep curve.
SHIROTA, Minori Professor Multiphase flow engineering Study of measurement of flow including liquid droplets, air bubbles, and particles, and the further understanding of dynamics for application in medical technology
TORIKAI, Hiroyuki Professor Fire extinguishing science and technology Research and development in new fire extinguishing methods using explosives and rubber balloons, aiming to minimize fire damage in the event of a large scale earthquake
NAKAMURA, Masayuki Professor Information sensing engineering Study of sensing system using virtual reality and IoT technologies for application to agricultural and medical fields.
HANADA, Yasutaka Professor Laser microfabrication study Study and application of (three-dimensional) microfabrication technology development using ultrashort pulse-lasers and other general-purpose lasers
IWATANI, Yasushi Associate Professor Control engineering Control of machine systems and robotic systems is studied, and analysis of dynamic systems based on knowledge in control engineering and measurement engineering is carried out
OKABE, Takahiro Associate Professor Thermal fluid engineering Development of novel methods to accurately measure surface temperature and thermophysical properties and their application to medical technology
SAITO, Hiroyuki Associate Professor Machine information engineering Study and education of sensing technology to contribute to measurements in medical exams, etc., and in automation technology
FUJISAKI, Kazuhiro Associate Professor Mechanical material functions Study for exploring new material functions based on observation, experiment, and understanding of mechanical behavior of biological tissue
HOSHINO, Takayuki Associate Professor Nanobio, Bioengineering Searching for the boundaries of machine and life. Study of science that connects life phenomena and information space in real time, from molecules to man, and expands vital function.
MINETA, Takahiro Associate Professor Material strength and fracture Study on the improvement of strength and ductility of structural material used for cars and airplanes, by controlling various parameters
MORIWAKI, Takeshi Associate Professor Medical measurement engineering Circulatory tissues such as blood vessels are targeted in order to develop medical equipment and measurement systems that can measure the power applied to a living body, deformation, etc.
YANO, Tetsuya Associate Professor Medical and biological engineering Studies on computer-aided design and non-clinical test methods for assessing mechanical performance and biocompatibility of medical devices
TAKEI, Toshinobu Assistant Professor Robot engineering Study of robots to automate operations which are too burdensome or dangerous for humans, such as high altitude work, agricultural operations, and mining operations.
CHEN, Xiaoshuai Assistant Professor Medical and biological engineering Development of computer assisted surgery systems and training simulators
MIURA, Kotaro Assistant Professor Theory of Elasticity, Biomechanics Study of stress and deformation for the industrial and biological materials
MIYAGAWA, Taimei Assistant Professor Computational biomechanics Analysis of the course of food in the stomach and intestines using a numerical simulation with the aim of clarify the mechanism of digestion disorders
YAMADA, Sohei Assistant Professor

Curriculum and Curriculum Policy