Syllabus of Master’s Course, Graduate School of Science and Technology

Master’s Course Curriculum Policy

1. Curriculum Policy

In the Master’s course, students will learn expertise in science and technology. We should emphasize that we focus on the interdisciplinary study of fundamental science and engineering in the curriculum. We are free from a stereotype idea, which advocates the individuality of fundamental science and engineering.

2. Diploma Policy

  • Acquired accurate and profound knowledge.
  • Acquired the ability to follow rapidly growing scientific technology.
  • Acquired a broad viewpoint and the ability to contribute to the regional and international developments.

3. The grading system

We evaluate the grades of the students as follows.

Lectures / Exercises / Practises
1) We have two ways to assess a student’s grade; Regular and End-of-term evaluations. We carry out the first one for exercises, experiments, and practices and the second for lectures.
2) In the Regular evaluations, we evaluate the results of quizzes, mini-reports (homework), and presentations.
3) In the End-of-term evaluation, we evaluate the result of the examination/report/presentation.
Outstanding (100-90) Could expand acquired knowledge and skills
Excellent (89-80) Could use acquired knowledge and skills
Good (79-70) Acquired knowledge and skills.
Fair (69-60) Acquired the minimum knowledge and skills required.
Fail (59-0) Did not acquire the minimum knowledge and skills required.