Training human resources who can solve the problems from various viewpoints

We aim to train human resource personnel who can solve various issues involving natural and renewable energy from a comprehensive viewpoint.

Comprehensive study from resources to energy systems

Students can study the knowledge of energy systems and society from a global viewpoint, based on the field related to energy resources, conversion, transportation, storage and usage.

Seeking to solve problems related to local needs and energy issues

We aim to contribute to the region by training human resource personnel who are eager to use the natural energy that abundantly exists in the region and can comprehensively utilize their knowledge of natural science and social science.


Voice of undergraduate

It is one of the few departments in Japan

Department of Sustainable Energy 2th grader (2017)

This is a rare department in Japan where you can learn about various types of energy.
Since the number of students is relatively small, it is easy to deepen friendship with friends and alumni.
I am interested in energy development suitable for the local area, so I would like to work on power generation with high energy conversion efficiency that is not so affected by weather in my graduation research.
After graduation, I am thinking of finding a job at a power company or a company that focuses on electric vehicles, where I can make use of the knowledge I have learned.

Staff List

Name Position Specialty Research Content
ABU, Ritei Professor Energy engineering Study of advanced technology in “materials, devices, and systems”, in order to use regional natural energy effectively, focusing on hydrogen and fuel cell batteries.
KOBAYASHI, Fumihisa Professor Environmental bioresource science Study on the development of energy conversion processes using bioresources with the goal of environmental conservation.
SASAKI, Kazuya Professor Energy conversion engineering Study of resources and systems for power generation and energy conservation in a sustainable society.
MATSUSHITA, Yohsuke Professor Energy Conversion Engineering Fluid flow, heat amd mass transfer analysis with chemical reactions for energy conversion processes
IM, Hojun Associate Professor Energy material science New solar energy materials are developed. Research from identification of basic physicality (electron structure) to its application (next-generation solar batteries)
SHIMADA, Teruhisa Associate Professor Energy meteorology Research related to the application of weather and climate information to the wind power energy field
CHISAKA, Mitsuharu Associate Professor Heat engineering, electrical chemistry Study of fuel cell catalysts and the catalytic layer expected to become a next-generation energy conversion device

Curriculum and Curriculum Policy