Solutions for global environment where human beings and nature can live together

Philosophies of Education

    - The curriculum policy of the department is established as follows. From the perspective of providing education that emphasizes the development of “abilities to deal with global environmental problems, natural disasters in Japan and throughout the world according to both local and global perspectives.”
    - Develop the ability to find essential challenges by analyzing a variety of phenomena from local to a global scale using the knowledge of natural and social science.
    - Develop the ability to solve scientific, technological and social issues by dealing with global environmental problems and the prevention of natural disasters as highly specialized professionals.
    - Develop the ability to continue learning necessary knowledge and skills to respond to the problems related to the global environment and natural disasters by solving the issues that Japan and the world are facing.

Specific Educational Goals

    - Be aware of the aim of better coexistence of the earth and humanity.
    - Gain basic knowledge of the various elements that consists of the global environment.
    - Understand natural phenomena that cause natural disasters and the engineering techniques that prevent them.
    - Understand the research results and latest research trends related to the global environment and natural disaster prevention.
    - Gain the ability to respond to the global environmental problems and preventing/reducing natural disasters from both local and global perspectives.
    - Develop the ability to plan, organize and work to solve problems.
    - Develop the ability to express and share work outcomes and opinions.