Doctoral Course

Doctoral Course

Creation of Advanced Science and Technology in the Future

The Graduate School of Science and Technology (Doctoral Course) consists of two courses of Advanced Materials Science and Technology and Safety Science and Technology. The former covers the development of useful materials and their application technology and the latter does crisis-controlling technology for natural and human-originating disasters in the highly developed society. Each course aims to cultivate engineers who will be able to solve problems flexibly, with perspective and taking into consideration the whole situation.

Advanced Materials Science and TechnologyFunctional Materials Chemistry
Materials Processing Physics
Safety Science and TechnologyEnvironmental and Safety Sciences
Safety System Engineering

Advanced Materials Science and Technology

FieldAcademic MemberKeywords
Functional Materials ChemistryABE, ToshiyukiStudy of photo / chemical energy conversion through design and fabrication of novel and efficient photofunctional interfaces
ITO, ShunjiMolecular design and creation of novel functional organic materials, and Development of advanced synthetic methodologies
OKAZAKI, MasaakiConstruction of Functional Transition-Metal Complexes and Clusters Based on Synergetic Effect of Elements
SASAKI, KazuyaResearch on advanced systems and materials for energy conversion and resource recovery
TAKEUCHI, DaisukeDevelopment of Polymerization Catalysts and Polymerization Reactions Aiming for New Functional Polymers
YOSHISAWA, AtsushiDesign of liquid-crystalline materials with a novel phase structure for new electrooptical and biological properties
KAWAKAMI, JunDesign, Synthesis and Application of Novel Photofunctional Organic Compounds
KITAGAWA, FumihikoDevelopment of Integrated High Performance Separation and High Sensitive Detection Systems Based on Microscale Electrophoresis
SAGISAKA, MasanobuDevelopment of Novel Functional Molecular Assemblies and Their Application
TANEDA, AkitoStudy on biomolecules and nanoscale materials using artificial intelligence
HAGIHARA, MasakiDevelopment of functional biomolecules with potential applications in energy, environment, and biomedical fields
MASUNO, AtsunobuSyntheses, physical properies, and structure analyses of functional glasses and ceramics prepared by a levitation technique
MIYAMOTO, RyoStudies on spin states and electronic structures of transition metal and rare-earth metal complexes based on molecular design
YAMAZAKI, ShoheiElucidation of the Functions of Organic Compounds at the Molecular Level and Theoretical Design of Novel Functional Molecules
KUREHA, TakumaStructural analysis and synthesis of polymer gel and elastomer materials by quantum beam scattering methods
YOSHIDA, AkihiroEstablishment of novel methods of the syntheses of inorganic and inorganic-organic composite materials for developing functional materials such as catalysts and energy storage materials
Materials Processing PhysicsIMAI, MasashiDevelopment of highly reliable LSI design technology and system design technology required for the creation of dependable computer systems
OKAMOTO, HiroshiResearch on elemental technology for semiconductor devices, evaluation techniques in semiconductor materials, and application of the devices in optical communication systems
KANAMOTO, ToshikiOptimization Methodology of Semiconductor Devices and Embedded Systems
KOBAYASHI, YasuyukiDevelopment of New Semiconductors and Research on Green Devices based on the New Semiconductors
GORYO, JunTheoretical condensed matter physics, mainly, superconductuvity...etc
SASAGAWA, Kazuhiko
  • Functional and reliability evaluations of micro- and nano-material systems (IC, MEMS, NEMS)
  • Biomechanical study on functional evaluation of medical and welfare devices
SATO, Hiroyuki
  • Strength of light structural materials
  • Advanced structural materials
  • High temperature deformation and reliability
HANADA, YasutakaLaser micro-nano fabrication of transparent materials, Biomedical photonics
FUJIKAWA, YasunoriStructural analysis and property measurements on surfaces, thin films and nanostructures by means of multi-probe STM
MIYANAGA, Takafumi
  • Condensed Matter Physics / Materials Science
  • Structural Dynamics (Phase Transitions, Chemical Reactions, Surface Processes, Nonequilibrium states)
  • XAFS / Synchrotron Radiation
  • Intelligent Materials System
  • Non-destructive evaluation
WATANABE, TakaoSingle Crystal Growth and Physical Properties of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (including High-Tc Cuprates)
AZUHATA, TakashiOptical properties of semiconductors
IM, Hojun
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated electrons systemes
  • Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
  • Fabrication of strongly correlated materials
ENTA, YoshiharuSurface reactions associated with semiconductor devices, thin crystal growth, surface passivation, and surface electronic structure for semiconductors
KUROKAWA, AtsushiDevelopment of state-of-the-art design technology of integrated circuits on nano- and power-electronics
SUZUKI, YuushiStudy of anomalous enhanced local field and local structure at interface, ultra-thin film and nano particle
TEZUKA, YasuhisaHigh Energy Spectroscopy Study of Strongly Correlated Materials, Ferroelectric Materials, and so on. Study of Soft X-ray Spectroscopy.
NAKAZAWA, HidekiFabrication structure & properties of highly functional carbon-based thin film materials and their electrical & mechanical applications
FUJISAKI, KazuhiroMultiscale structural analysis of materials
Measurements of micro-nano structural characteristics of biological tissue
MORIWAKI, Takeshi1. Microscopic observation of physical properties of biological tissue
2. Development of medical measuring devices
MASUDA, RyoImprovement of Mössbauer spectroscopy related techniques using synchrotron radiation and its application to condensed matter physics
MINETA, Takahiro
WATANABE, RyosukeResearch on Photovoltaics and Surface Devices; Surface Modification and Treatment to Improve the Functionality of the Devices
ITAKA, Kenji
  • Material Chemistry for solar cells and thermoelecrics.
  • Thin-film energy-conversion materials with combinatorial methods.
KUBOTA, TakeshiDevelopment of high performance magnetic alloys utilizing non-equilibrium phase, and of their devices for power generation / conversion
KOBATAKE, HidekazuDevelopment of energy conversion materials and its application for society

Safety Science and Technology

FieldAcademic MemberKeywords
Environmental and Safety SciencesASADA, HidekiTheoretical Cosmophysics
UMEDA, KojiGeological disposal of radioactive waste
ORIHASHI, YujiConstruction of new petrogenesis using geochemical techniques and development of their analytical methods.
KASAI, MasumiGeneral Relativity and Cosmology
KOBAYASHI, FumihisaDevelopments of the energy conversion process from plant and/or animal biomass and bioprocess using novel microorganism in order to keep the environment
NOJIRI, YukihiroGeochemical cycles of earth surface environment such as atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, Ocean biogeochemical cycles, Ocean acidification, Observation and analysis of greenhouse gases, Methodology of greenhouse gas inventory
ISHIDA, SachinobuBoundary-layer meteorology, Land surface-atmosphere interactions, Heat, water and carbon cycles
ICHIMURA, MasakatsuStudy of Origin, Acceleration and Propagation Mechanisms of Galactic Cosmic Ray Nuclei
KATAOKA, ShunichiPrediction of strong motion, estimation of local site effects
KAMIHARAKO, AkihisaNonlinear analysis for RC member damaged by material deterioration, Life span evaluation for repair or strengthening effect of upgrading RC member
SHIMADA, TeruhisaOcean winds in coastal regions, Weather and climate for wind energy
SENDOUDA, YuuitiTheoretical physics, cosmology and gravity
TAKAHASHI, NobusukeHigh energy cosmic ray physics by Monte Calro method, Large area air shower, Detection of cosmic ray particles by using the thermoluminescent technique
TAMBA, SumioExtraction and development of correction method about ocean information, especially global sea surface temperature distribution by satellite remote sensing
MAEDA, TakutoTheoretical and computational studies on seismic and tsunami wave propagation, estimations of heterogeneous earth structure and earthquake rupture process based on seismogram records, and development of real-time tsunami forecasting method
MIZUTA, SatoshiStudy on evolution of the genetic code and alignment-free similarity estimation of biological sequences using bioinformatics approaches
TAKAHASHI, RyuichiCosmology, Dark Energy, Gravitational Lens, Gravitational Waves
HORIUCHI, KazuhoCosmogenic radionuclides, Quaternary geochronology, History of solar variations and geomagnetism, Cosmic-ray stratigraphy, Paleoclimatology, Polar ice cores
IOKA, SeiichiroGroundwater hydrology, groundwater chemistry, groundwater thermics, geothermal resource assessment, geothermal research & environmental groundwater science
Safety System EngineeringABU, RiteiFuel Cell Technology (catalyst, electrode, electrolyte, recovering and utilizing heat from fuel cell exhaust), Biomass energy conversion technology
IMANISHI, EtsujiroPerformance prediction of dynamics and robotization on construction machinery
OKA, KazuhikoOptical metrology and its biomedical application, Optical polarimetry, Optical manipulation
ONOGUCHI, KazunoriComputer Vision
KON, MasamichiOperations Research, Optimization Theory, Location Problem
SAKAKI, MakotoGeometry of Surfaces and Submanifolds, Geometric Variational Problems
ZENIYA, TsutomuDevelopment of computed tomography system and image processing software for biomedical use
TSUTAYA, KimitoshiAsymptotic Analysis of Nonlinear Waves, Analysis on Non-Local Wave Interaction
TORIKAI, HiroyukiStudies to develop new science and technology of fire extinguishments with micro-explosives, extinguishing capsules, etc.
NAKAMURA, MasayukiIntelligent information processing in sensing and control systems using machine learning and optimization
MURATA, HiroyukiStudy on heat transfer in gas-solid flow with disturbance
MORI, Shintaro1. Stochastic process
2. Statistical Modelling
3. Econophysics and Sociophysics
ICHIJO, KenjiCustom design, high-level abstraction design, and automatic generation of design for processors and hardware accelerators on reconfigurable systems
IWATANI, YasushiVision-based robot control
EI, HiromiErgodic Theory, Fractal, Quasi-periodic Tiling
SAGAWA, KoichiWe are studying on measurement and classification of human behavior based on mechanical engineering and ergonomics, and qualitative evaluation of emotion for human-machine interaction.
TACHIYA, YoheiIrrationality, Transcendence, Algebraic Independence
CHISAKA, MitsuharuStudy on energy storage/conversion materials for electrochemical devices
NARITA, AkikoTraffic engineering of computer networks based on packet analysis by switches
BETSUMIYA, KoichiAlgebraic Combinatrics, Coding Theory
HOSHINO, Takayuki
YANO, TetsuyaExperimental and Numerical Studies on the Biocompatibility Assessment of Biomedical Devices
OKABE, Takahiro
YU, TaoResearches on the utilization of natural energy and environmental protection technology by gas hydrate and the development of submarine resources
GUAN, GuoqingResearches on advanced biomass energy conversion technology, energy materials, environment catalysts, gas and metal ion separation technology, microreactor and life cycle assessment of sustainable energy
HONDA, AkihiroWind Energy and Ocean Energy Systems
Wind Resistant Design of Structures