Mechanical Science and Engineering

Educational Idea

Students learn the basic Mechanical Engineering for flexibly corresponding to a technical innovation, the sense of intelligence mechanical engineering to craftsmanship, and the attainments as an international engineer. Furthermore, students can improve their skills and comprehensive understanding through the Department's education program aimed at training of the upper engineer with leadership or researcher with the capability of sustainable development.

Educational Aim

The Department's educational program lists the following educational objects from (A) to (E):

  • Consideration for the technology's impact to the society and environment and the responsibilities to the society. (professional code of ethics)
  • Knowledge on the basic principal of the Mathematics and Natural Science, and development the application skills for designing and creating a machine.
  • Multidimensional ability to think and understand from global view, and problem-solving skills by intentionally summarizing its knowledge.
  • Japanese verbal and written communication skills for presentation and debate, and the basic scholarship for international communication capabilities as well.
  • Ability to understand the role of Mechanical Engineering in life science, an environmental science and the advanced technology.


Sustainable Environment Conscious System (Environment Sensing Systems, Environment Conscious Engine Systems, Fire Safety Systems)Medical Science and Engineering Technology (Science of Micro-Materials and Functions, Medical Micro-Device Systems, Robot and Intelligent Systems)

Staff List

Professor IMANISHI, Etsujiro IMANISHI Laboratory
OKA, Kazuhiko OKA Laboratory
SAGAWA, Koichi SAGAWA Laboratory
SASAGAWA, Kazuhiko SASAGAWA Laboratory
SATO, Hiroyuki SATO Laboratory
TORIKAI, Hiroyuki TORIKAI Laboratory
NAKAMURA, Masayuki NAKAMURA Laboratory
HANADA, Yasutaka HANADA Laboratory
MURATA, Hiroyuki MURATA Laboratory
Associate Professor IWATANI, Yasushi IWATANI Laboratory
OKABE, Takahiro OKABE Laboratory
SAITO, Hiroyuki SAITO Laboratory
SHIROTA, Minori SHIROTA Laboratory
FUJISAKI, Kazuhiro FUJISAKI Laboratory
HOSHINO, Takayuki HOSHINO Laboratory
MINETA, Takahiro MINETA Laboratory
MORIWAKI, Takeshi MORIWAKI Laboratory
YANO, Tetsuya YANO Laboratory
Assistant Professor TAKEI, Toshinobu TAKEI Laboratory
CHEN, Xiaoshuai CHEN Laboratory
MIYAGAWA, Taimei MIYAGAWA Laboratory
YAMADA, Sohei YAMADA Laboratory

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