Global Environment and Disaster Prevention Sciences

Policy of Education

Our department provides knowledge to understand the earth as an active system with dynamic flow of energy and material. We offer a solid curriculum with astronomy, meteorology, geochemistry, geology, seismology and natural disaster sciences and technologies. In addition, you can obtain skill of scientific presentation and communication. We hope that you will join us and become a person who can discuss and solve frontier issues of the earth's environment on both sides of local and global points of view.


AstrophysicsEnvironmental Science of the Atmosphere and HydrosphereSolid Earth ScienceNatural Disaster Prevention Technology

Staff List

Professor UMEDA, Koji
KASAI, Masumi General relativity, Cosmology
KATAOKA, Shunichi Earthquake engineering
NOJIRI, Yukihiro Geochemistry for ocean and atmosphere, Ocean Acidification, Earth sciences related to climate change
Associate Professor ISHIDA, Sachinobu Applied meteorology
ICHIMURA, Masakatsu High energy astrophysics
KAMIHARAKO, Akihisa Concrete engineering, Maintenance for concrete structure
TAKAHASHI, Ryuichi Cosmology
MAEDA, Takuto
Lecturer SASAKI, Minoru Geology and petrology of volcanoes
NEMOTO, Naoki Stratigraphy, Paleontology
Assistant Professor OKAZAKI, Atsushi Hydrometeorology
TAKANO, Tomoya
HORIUCHI, Kazuho Paleoenvironmental science, Isotope geochemistry

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