Message from the Dean

SATO, Hiroyuki: Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology, Hirosaki University

The global population is growing rapidly, approaching 8 billion. Throughout our lifetimes, we could meet only a small portion of those people. However, technology has made our world much smaller in many ways. In recent decades, humanity has acquired knowledge and advancements at an exponential rate, especially in scientific fields, and that information explosion has been widely shared. The challenges of biological science, modern engineering and technology are complex and involve many fields.
You are young with great potential. Yet the reality is that it is impossible to learn absolutely everything and visit everywhere. I ask you to choose what you are passionate about and make the most of the opportunities that you encounter, and consider what you want to learn and which fields you will explore with your gifts and talents.
The faculty of Science and Technology provides curricula to acquire the basic knowledge in the major fields.
What you build on top of these basics is up to you. I hope you discover astonishing academic facts as well as meet inspiring people who will be your lifelong friends.
We will thoroughly support you to navigate and pioneer a new future.