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Koiwa Naoto, Mio Kasai, Shunichi Kataoka, and Takahiro Isono, Examination of relation with tsunami behavior reconstructed from on-site sequence photographs, topography, and sedimentary deposits from the 2011 Tohoku-oki tsunami on the Kamikita Plain, Japan, Marine Geology, 2014, DOI: 10.1016/j.margeo.2014.08.009

Kataoka Shunichi, Non-linear amplification characteristics during earthquakes at K-NET AOM007, Minamidori, 10th National Conference on Earthquake Enigeering, 2014, DOI: 10.4231/D3GQ6R31X

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Hemanta Hazarika, Kiyonobu Kasama, Daisuke Suetsugu, Shunichi Kataoka, and Noriyuki Yasufuku: Damage to Geotechnical Structures in Waterfront Areas of Northern Tohoku Due to the March 11, 2011 Tsunami Disaster, Indian Geotech J, Indian Geotechnical Society, 2012, DOI 10.1007/s40098-012-0021-7.

Motoki Kazama, Shunichi Kataoka, Ryosuke Uzuoka: Volcanic mountain area disaster caused by the Iwate–Miyagi Nairiku
Earthquake of 2008, Japan, Soils and Foundations 2012;52(1):168–184, doi:10.1016/j.sandf.2012.01.003

Kataoka Shunichi: MICROTREMOR EXPLORATION AT SEVEN STRONG MOTION STATIONS IN CHILE, Proceedings of  4th IASPEI / IAEE International Symposium: Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion, August 23–26, 2011. University of California Santa Barbara, Paper No. 5-29.

Kataoka Shunichi: Amplitude dependent response for three-story moment-resistant building during earthquakes, 4th Japan-Greece Workshop Seismic Design of Foundations, Innovations in Seismic Design, and Protection of Cultural Heritage, 217-225, 2011.

Kataoka Shunichi: SITE EFFECT IN OHSAKI PLAIN, MIYAGI PREFETURE, JAPAN DURING THE 2008 IWATE-MIYAGI NAIRIKU EARTHQUAKE, 5th International conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, January 11-13, 2011, Santiago, Chile, paper No. SEIKA.pdf.

Kataoka Shunichi: GROUND MOTION IN OHSAKI PLAIN, MIYAGI PREFECTURE, JAPAN DURING THE 2008 IWATE-MIYAGI NAIRIKU EARTHQUAKE, 4th Japan-Taiwan Joint Worlshop on Geotechnical Hazards from Large Earthquakes and Heavy Rainfalls,25-28, October, 2010, Sendai, Japan

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Kataoka Shunichi: Effect on records of seismic intensity-meter by adjacent building, Proceedings of the 2nd Japan-Greece Workshop on Seismic Design, Observation, and Retrofit of Foundation, April 3-4, Tokyo, Japan, 531-536, 2007.

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Kataoka Shunichi: Comparative study on methods to estimate site amplification using microtremor, Asia conference on earthquake engineering, 2006.

KATAOKA Shunichi, Kazuo UEDE, Akio OKAMOTO and Makoto HASEGAWA: OBSERVED DYNAMIC PORE PRESSURE DURING EARTHQUAKE IN SATURATED ROCK, 13th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Paper No. 3470, 2004.

Kataoka Shunichi and Ohmachi Tatsuo: Simplified method for estimation of Long-period basin response,Sixth International Conference on Seismic Zonation, file No.00182.pdf (CD-ROM),2000.
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Konno Katsuaki and Kataoka Shunichi: New method for estimating the average S-wave velocity, Sixth International Conference on Seismic Zonation, file No.00110.pdf (CD-ROM), 2000.

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