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Related Facilities of Graduate School of Science and Technology

Earthquake and Volcano Observatory

Seismic activities occur in the northern part of the Tohoku region (the northeast region) are monitored continuously at this facility.

    Staff Members
Director (Professor) KATAOKA, Shunichi
Research Associate WATANABE, Kazutoshi

Cold Regions Meteorology Laboratory

The Cold Regions Meteorology Laboratory was established in 1988 to understand severe natural phenomena of Northern Japan, such as heavy snow, cool summers and to research measures that will reduce the damage caused by these phenomena. The laboratory is located in the Shirakami Mountain Range, which is a world natural heritage site, and has facilities such as a laboratory and an observation field. A monitoring station was built in the observation field to measure temperature/humidity, the speed and direction of wind, the amount of solar radiation, the atmospheric pressure, and the depth and weight of snow. This data is sent automatically to a laboratory on campus.

Director ISHIDA, Sachinobu

Information Technology Center

The Information Technology Center is for lectures using computers and practical training.

Director KASAI, Masumi