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Educational Idea and Aim

Our primary aim is training talents capable of chemistry and in related fields through learning fundamental inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry. @Principal curriculum constructed from material chemistry, theoretical chemistry, synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry etc. is given in aiming at making them possible to develop and investigate novel functional materials along with their interpretation of physico-chemical properties, and also to investigate and solve environmental affairs. Our educational program is expected to be useful in exploiting sophisticated recycled system, construction of economical energy system, and establishment of economical natural resource gain.

  • Systematic studies on fundamental subjects in inorganic, organic, analytical, and physical chemistry in order to master basics of chemistry.
  • Extensive studies on fundamentals in chemistry through drill and experiments, resulting in deeper insight into chemistry.
  • Intensive studies on frontier of chemistry necessary for designing higher value|added novel functional materials.
  • Graduation study for improving ability to solve given tasks, and for promising to be powerfully talented technicians and researchers in chemistry and in related fields.

Toshiyuki Abe [ -- ]
Shunji Ito [ HP ]
Masaaki Okazaki [ HP ]
Hideo Sawada [ HP ]
Daisuke Takeuchi [ -- ]
Isoshi Nukatsuka [ HP ]
Atsushi Yoshizawa [ HP ]
₯@Associate Professor
Jun Kawakami [ HP ]
Fumihiko Kitagawa [ HP ]
Masanobu Sagisaka [ HP ]
Kaori Noda [ -- ]
Masaki Hagihara [ -- ]
Atsunobu Masuno [ HP ]
Ryo Miyamoto [ HP ]
Shohei Yamazaki [ HP ]
₯@Assistant Professor
Shun Ohta [ HP ]