Master's Course

Master's Course

With the Aim of Advanced Science and Technology Education

The Graduate School of Science and Technology (Master's Course) considers education as the most important duty, and aims to nurture highly specialized engineers who can adapt themselves to the progress and diversity of science and technology. The course provides advanced science and technology education by considering the importance of the close connections between what is studied in the undergraduate and master's programs.

CourseField of Research
Science and TechnologyMathematical SciencesMathematical Sciences
Advanced Physics
  • Solid State Physics
  • Astrophysics
Frontier Materials Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Inorganic / Analytical Chemistry
Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Cosmology and Cosmic Ray Research
  • Meteorology
  • Geology and Petrology
  • Seismology
  • Natural Disaster Prevention Technology
  • Geochemistry in atmosphere and ocean
Electronics and Information Technology
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
  • Information Engineering
  • Computational Engineering and Science
Intelligent Machines and System Engineering
  • Mechanical and Intelligent Material Systems
  • Thermal Fluid Engineering of Various Systems
  • Instrument and Control Engineering
  • Medical System Engineering
Sustainable Energy Engineering
  • Advanced Energy Materials
  • Energy Conversion Engineering
  • Geothermal Engineering
  • Ocean Energy Engineering

Mathematical Sciences

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Mathematical SciencesEI, HiromiErgodic Theory (Fractal, Quasi-periodic tiling)
KON, MasamichiAnalysis of various types of optimal location problems, and construction of efficient algorithms for those problems
SAKAKI, MakotoDifferential Geometry
TACHIYA, YoheiTranscendental Number Theory
TAMBARA, DaisukeGroup theory
TSUTAYA, KimitoshiPartial Differential Equations, Applied Analysis
NAKAZATO, HiroshiMatrix analysis, numerical range of a matrix
NAGASE, NoriakiStochastic differential equations and stochastic control
BETSUMIYA, KoichiAlgebraic Combinatorics, Coding Theory
MORI, ShintaroStochastic process, Data science

Advanced Physics

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Solid State PhysicsGORYO, JunTheoretical condensed matter physics, mainly, superconductuvity...etc
MIYANAGA, TakafumiCondensed Matter Physics / Materials Science.
Structural Dynamics (Phase Transitions, Chemical Reactions, Surface Processes, Nonequilibrium states) , XAFS / Synchrotron Radiation.
TEZUKA, YasuhisaX-ray Spectroscopic Studies on Electronic State of Dielectrics and Strongly Correlated Materials.
WATANABE, TakaoSingle Crystal Growth and Physical Properties of Strongly Correlated Materials including High-Tc Cuprates.
Exploration of New Functional Materials.
AZUHATA, TakashiOptical Properties of Semiconductors.
ENTA, YoshiharuAtomic Structures, Electronic Structures, and Chemical Reactions on Semiconductor Surface/Interface.
SUZUKI, YuushiInterface Science of Materials Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy Low-Dimensional Low-energy Physics.
FUJIKAWA, YasunoriStructural analysis and property measurement on surfaces, thin films and nanostructures by means of multi-probe STM
AstrophysicsTAKAHASHI, NobusukeHigh Energy Cosmic Ray Physics by Computer Simulation and Large Area Air Shower Experiments.
ASADA, HidekiTheoretical Astrophysics, especially General Relativity and Cosmology (Gravitational Lens, Gravitational Waves, Dark Matter, Dark Energy).
SENDOUDA, YuuitiTheoretical physics, cosmology and gravity

Frontier Materials Chemistry

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Organic ChemistryITO, ShunjiStudy on the Creation of Novel Functional Organic Materials Using Advanced Synthetic Methodologies.
SAWADA, HideoStudies on the Development and Applications of Novel Fluorinated Polymeric Functional Materials Imparted by Fluorine.
YOSHIZAWA, AtsushiMolecular Design for Novel Functional Liquid Crystals.
KAWAKAMI, JunDesign, Synthesis and Application of Novel Fluorescent Chemosensor for Ion and Molecule Recognition.
HAGIHARA, MasakiDevelopment of functional biomolecules with potential applications in energy, environment, and biomedical fields
Physical ChemistryABE, ToshiyukiDevelopment of Visible-Light-Induced Photoenergy Conversion System on the Basis of Design and Fabriation of Organic Photodevices.
MIYAMOTO, RyoElectron Paramagnetic Resonance and Ab Initio Calculation of Transition Metal and Rare-Earth Metal Complexes: Molecular Structure, Electronic and Spin Structure
SAGISAKA, MasanobuDevelopment of Novel Functional Molecular Assemblies and Their Application
YAMAZAKI, ShoheiTheoretical Study of Chemical Reactions Using High-Level Quantum Chemical Calculations
Inorganic / Analytical ChemistryOKAZAKI, MasaakiSynthesis and Functionality of Redox-Responsive Transition-Metal Complexes and Clusters
NUKATSUKA, IsoshiStudies on Separation Chemistry for Trace Constituents Based on Solid-Phase Extraction, and the Development of Integrated Sensing Systems on Solid-Phase.
KITAGAWA, FumihikoDevelopment of Integrated High Performance Separation and High Sensitive Detection Systems Based on Microscale Electrophoresis
NODA, Kaori
MASUNO, AtsunobuSyntheses, physical properies, and structure analyses of functional glasses and ceramics prepared by a levitation technique
OHTA, ShunGreen Catalytic Transformations with Magnesium as an Energy Source

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Cosmology and Cosmic Ray ResearchKASAI, MasumiCosmology, Inhomogeneous Universe, Gravitational Lensing
ICHIMURA, MasakatsuCosmic Ray Acceleration and Propagation Mechanisms
TAKAHASHI, RyuichiCosmology, Dark Energy, Gravitational Lens, Gravitational Waves
Geochemistry in atmosphere and oceanNOJIRI, YukihiroGeochemistry for ocean and atmosphere, Ocean Acidification, Earth sciences related to climate change
MeteorologyYATAGAI, Akiyo
ISHIDA, SachinobuLand-atmosphere Interaction,
Local Meteorology,
Heat, Water and Carbon Cycle
Geology and PetrologyUMEDA, KojiNatural disaster science, Quaternary research
NEMOTO, NaokiAssessment of Marine Environment and Reconstruction of Paleoenvironment based on Foraminifer
SASAKI, MinoruGeology and Petrology of Arc Volcanoes
HORIUCHI, KazuhoPaleoclimatology, Geochronology, Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, Ice Core, Sediments, Tree Rings,
Relation between Celestial Phenomena and Global Climate
SeismologyKOSUGA, MasahiroObservational Studies on the Effect of Structural and Stress Heterogeneities in the Lithosphere on the Generation of Earthquakes in Subduction Zones and Inland Areas
Natural Disaster Prevention TechnologyKATAOKA, ShunichiEstimation and Evaluation of Earthquake Ground Motion for Disaster Mitigation
TSUMURA, KozoEarthquake Resistance, Disaster Control and Maintenance of Structures
KAMIHARAKO, AkihisaMaintenance for Concrete Structure, Seismic Retrofitting, Numerical Simulation

Electronics and Information Technology

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Electronics EngineeringIMAI, MasashiResearch and Development of Next-generation Asynchronous Circuits and System-on-Chips based on Network-on-Chip for Dependable Computer Systems
OKAMOTO, HiroshiResearch on Semiconductor Device; Fundamentals and Application for Optical Communication
KANAMOTO, ToshikiResearch on Semiconductor Device Modeling and Application of Semiconductors to Embedded Systems
KUROKAWA, AtsushiResearch on the high-performance and high-reliability design technology (such as low-power, low-EMC, variation-aware high-quality communications, etc.) of semiconductor integrated circuits
KOBAYASHI, YasuyukiResearch on Green Devices based on Semiconductors
NAKAZAWA, HidekiHeteroepitaxy, Preparation of Semiconductor Thin Films Using Plasma Processes, Structure and Properties of Functional Thin Films of Carbon and Related Materials and Their Applications
WATANABE, RyosukeResearch on Photovoltaics and Surface Devices; Surface Modification and Treatment to Improve the Functionality of the Devices
Electronics and Computer EngineeringNARITA, AkikoDynamic Load Balancing for Multi-processor System, Embedded System Software, Computer Network
ICHIJO, KenjiMultiprocessor Systems, Reconfigurable Systems, Computer Networks, Wavelet Analysis and its Applications
Information EngineeringONOGUCHI, KazunoriComputer Vision and Image Processing
ZENIYA, TsutomuMedical Image Processing and Computed Tomography
TAMBA, SumioData Analysis with Remote Sensing and GIS, Database System
NAGASE, TomoyukiInformation Security, Wireless Communications Technology, Computer Networks
MIZUTA, SatoshiGenome Informatics and Development of the Algorithms Used Therein
Computational Engineering and ScienceTANEDA, AkitoSoft Computing, Evolutionary Algorithm, Nucleic Acid Sequence Analysis, Nanomaterials Simulation
OKAZAKI, IsaoComputation Methodology for Electronic States of Biomolecules

Intelligent Machines and System Engineering

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Mechanical and Intelligent Material SystemsSASAGAWA, KazuhikoDevelopment of functional and reliability evaluation method of micro- and nano-material systems, Biomechanical study on functional evaluation of medical and welfare devices
SATO, HiroyukiDeformation characteristics of crystalline materials at high temperatures.
Strengthening, processing and life prediction of high performance structural materials.
KAMIKAWA, NaoyaMicrostructure and mechanical property control in structural metallic materials by thermo-mechanical process
FUJISAKI, KazuhiroMechanical science of micro-nano structure of materials
Mechanical properties of biological tissue
Biomechanical design for human life
MORIWAKI, TakeshiBiomechanics of cardiovascular tissue
Development of measurement instrument for medical device design
MINETA, TakahiroImprovement in mechanical properties of structural metallic materials based on structure control
Thermal Fluid Engineering of Various SystemsINAMURA, TakaoExperiments and Numerical Simulations of Multiphase Flow in Various Systems
MURATA, HiroyukiStudy on gas-solid flow and fuel cell
TORIKAI, HiroyukiScience of firefighting and combustion engineering
OKABE, TakahiroStudy of heat transfer phenomena in biological tissues
Accurate measurement of thermophysical properties and its application to medical diagnosis
MIYAGAWA, TaimeiStudy of computational biological fluid dynamics
Instrument and Control EngineeringIMANISHI, EtsujiroPerformance prediction of dynamics and robotization on construction machinery
NAKAMURA, MasayukiIntelligent information processing in sensing and control systems using machine learning and optimization
IWATANI, YasushiVision-based robot control
SAITO, HiroyukiSeismoelectric effect, Acoustic logging, Geometric correction of satellite images, Retrieval of synthetic aperture radar images.
TAKEI, Toshinobu
Medical System EngineeringOKA, KazuhikoOptical metrology and its biomedical application, Optical polarimetry, Optical manipulation
SAGAWA, KoichiBody-mounted biomechanical analysis system Quantitative evaluation of sense
HANADA, YasutakaLaser processing, µ-TAS, Biophotonic measurement
YANO, TetsuyaStudy on the Computer-Aided Design and Assessment of Cardiovascular Devices
INADA, Shunko Albano
CHEN, XiaoshuaiSurgical simulator, Virtual reality (VR), Biomechanics, Numerical calculation
NAGAI, Chikara

Sustainable Energy Engineering

Field of ResearchStaffResearch Activities
Advanced Energy MaterialsISHIYAMA, SintaroDevelopment and material properties of state-of-the-art materials such as cage structure electrons (Electride) for use in deep-sea high-temperature geothermal power generation using carbon dioxide recycling using supercritical carbon dioxide technology
ITAKA, KenjiSemiconductor-based advanced energy materials (e.g. solar cells, thermoelectrics, capacitors).
IM, HojunDevelopment and applications of next-generation solar energy materials
KOBATAKE, HidekazuDeveloping energy conversion materials under high temperature and investigation of the optimized process condition based on thermophysical property measurement
CHISAKA, MitsuharuStudy on energy storage/conversion materials for electrochemical devices
Energy Conversion EngineeringABU, RiteiStudy on energy conversion materials / devices / system for sustainable development.
GUAN, GuoqingDevelopments of high performance materials, novel process and applicable technologies for high-efficiency biomass conversion.
KOBAYASHI, FumihisaDevelopments of the energy conversion process from plant and/or animal biomass and bioprocess using novel microorganism in order to keep the environment
SASAKI, KazuyaResearch on devices and materials for energy conversion and resource recovery
YOSHIDA, AkihiroDeveloping novel catalysts and systems for biomass conversion, energy storage and lowering energy consumption of current processes
Geothermal EngineeringIOKA, SeiichiroHydrology and geochemistry of geothermal systems.
Ocean Energy EngineeringHONDA, AkihiroWind Energy and Ocean Energy Systems
Wind Resistant Design of Structures
KUBOTA, TakeshiPower conversion device, magnetic sensors / actuators and energy utilization by their devices.
SHIMADA, TeruhisaOcean winds in coastal regions, Weather and climate for wind energy
YU, TaoStudy on the use of natural energy and environmental protection technology by gas hydrate