Research Facilities

Earthquake and Volcano Observatory

The Earthquake and Volcano Observatory has twofold functions as a seismic observation center that compose the nationwide seismic network and as an educational facility of seismology in Hirosaki University. We install and maintain the seismic network of our university, and gather seismic data from stations distributed in a wide area from central Hokkaido to northern Tohoku. The observatory serves as a foundation for basic research for prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruption. The field of research using our data spans seismic activities, Earth's structure, and earthquake source processes.

  • DirectorProfessorKOSUGA, Masahiro
  • Research AssociateWATANABE, Kazutoshi

Medical System and Healthware Innovation Frontier

Medical System and Healthware Innovation Frontier within the graduate course of the department of Science and Engineering Technology is responsible for functioning as Center Of Community (COC) which networks internal coordination, community medical research coordination, education, and social contributions. In the research field, medical, science, and engineering technology are working together to achieve creating whole new medical system industry. The research covers wide range of field such as systems for surgery and medical treatment, rehabilitation, and wellness and sports science. In education field within graduate course, we execute advanced field merging career education by creating and implementing a curriculum which involves wellness science, pharmaceutical legislation, and medical science. In community coordination field, we are focusing working on enlightening activities by introducing state-of-the-art technologies to industrial engineers through joint research, lectures, and conferences. At the same time, we are pursuing coordination with Aomori Industrial Association and local government which could become an advanced community of domestic fundamental industrial conversion by creating medical system industry to local community.

Cold Regions Meteorology Laboratory

Under Construction

  • DirectorAssistant ProfessorISHIDA, Sachinobu

Research Center for Natural Disaster Prevention

Earthquake disaster prevention is one of the essential requirements to realize a safe and secure society for our country that has been damaged again and again by large earthquakes. Weather disasters including tornados and heavy rain also occur frequently, and there are active volcanos in this area.
This center is mainly researching on earthquake disaster, but also researching on weather disasters, volcanic disasters, and geotechnical hazards and gives instructions regarding how to prevent or mitigate natural disasters.

  • ProfessorKASAI, Masumi
  • ProfessorKOSUGA, Masahiro
  • Associate ProfessorTSUMURA, Kozo
  • Associate ProfessorICHIMURA, Masakatsu
  • Associate ProfessorKATAOKA, Shunichi
  • Associate ProfessorKAMIHARAKO, Akihisa
  • LecturerSASAKI, Minoru
  • LecturerNEMOTO, Naoki
  • Assistant ProfessorISHIDA, Sachinobu
  • Assistant ProfessorTAKAHASHI, Ryuichi
  • Assistant ProfessorHORIUCHI, Kazuho
  • Research AssociateWATANABE, Kazutoshi